My new Poterie Ginette Arsenault logo: a symbol of my life.

My new Poterie Ginette Arsenault logo : a symbol of my life

Has this ever happened to you? Let's say, you're not thinking about
anything in particular and all of a sudden, you see an image, hear a sound,
and without your mind having the time to *think*, you know that it's so
totally you that you feel the silence, because there are no words to explain
it anyway.

This is what happened to me recently when I was absentmindedly checking
my emails and saw my new logo, which I was not expecting at that time.
I was speechless. It was so right, so simple, so restful : I knew I was

After staring at it, feeling it and absorbing it for a while, I read the
words. Simple. Elegant. Forms. Textures. Colors. And couldn't and still can't
see the difference between my pottery and my life, as they are so
intertwined as to be a whole.

So I present to you my new logo. In it I see no beginning, no end, eternal
movement and metamorphosis, infinity, a sky too big to grasp in one life, it
speaks to me of the past, the future and mostly the present moment
standing still for an instant on a wave.


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  • Pat OWENS

    Love it!

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