Cottage Chic : Our design vision

Cottage Chic is our design vision. Simple elegant forms, textures and colors.

 "Elegance is a synonym for beauty that has come to acquire the additional connotations of unusual effectiveness and simplicity. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness particularly in the areas of visual design, decoration, the sciences, and the aesthetics of mathematics. Elegant things exhibit refined grace and dignified propriety." ---

"Essential components of the concept include simplicity and consistency of design, focusing on the essential features of an object. In art of any kind one might also require dignified grace, or restrained beauty of style.

Visual stimuli are frequently considered elegant if a small number of colors and stimuli are used, emphasizing the remainder." ---

 My inspiration is the sea, I seek guidance from it and it's ever changing moods and movements, energy, patience and quiet contemplation. So when the day begins, neither of us really knows where we are going, but we go together in search of making that perfect creation. Clay challenges me to give everything I have to offer in every way. Every morning, I get up in anticipation of the direction we are taking together in my studio on that particular day.

I strive for simplicity. My goal is to bring a bit of joy into your home, by means of simple decorative and utilitarian pieces enhanced by color. I call it .... cottage chic!
You'll see new colors all the time in my palette. Sometimes color begets form. So it also becomes an unending pursuit of new shapes. 

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